Friday, 18 June 2010

Bot difficulty variable

- Added bot difficulty variable in kismet which changes shaman/minion health, weapon strength, fire rate & whether or not shamans can spawn minions. This gives fine control over each stage's difficulty. So now difficulty scales properly with each stage.

- Fixed a few trigger glitches

- Modified/improved the first cut scene

To do:

- Add extra elements that helps a player determine if they are within charging distance of the energy cells. Give the player a natural/intuitive reason to stay within the energy cells range, to help teach the player the games objectives.

- Create a training level on Alpha's ship, this will help/guide the players to control Alpha and will teach the player game objectives.

I leant a lot watching people play Outlast for the first time at the degree show, players expect to be able to jump into a game and play without taking the time to read instructions, they want to learn the game while playing the game (Which is fair enough). So games with or above mid-level control complexity or game mechanics should help the player to learn and improve over time, bit by bit to stop player frustration.

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