Thursday, 27 May 2010

GamePad & Outlast Trailer

Ok so degree show is next week and I've been trying to get everything together, it's all going nicely. I've also joined a team of people making Archasis as an Environment Artist, visit for more info.

I spent yesterday making a GlovePie script which would emulate my GamePad inputs into key strokes to control Outlast at the degree show. The reason I did this is because it seems my GamePad isn't supported by the unreal engine, I have mucked around with the input.ini quite a lot and this seems like the only way. The hardest part was getting the acceleration to work properly and actually get the analogue sticks to control nicely ingame.

This morning I have finished editing the Outlast trailer / ingame footage and in the process of uploading it to youtube. Will provide the link shortly.

The only major problem I've stumbled across is that there's a major bug in Outlast to do with the ammo. Although I will be fixing this later today.

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