Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Recent Additions

- Modified kismet sequences so they can handle varying bot amounts, spawning, respawnings and travel sequences will now work properly, this means they can be re-used from stage too stage.

- Added bot reset sequence, this basically stops the bots from respawning and kills any bots that are alive. It will completely flush out any bot loops running in kismet and allow for a fresh bot spawn for the next stage. The bot reset get triggered once an Energy Cell has been captured and before any stage begins for a safeguard. The bot reset will only effect stage spawning blots, any bots spawned outside/between stages will be using a different system.

- Imported the shaman staff ingame, a new weapon script was created with a new attachment script.

- Modified shaman weapon particle colour and projectile.

- Imported minion brute, he spawns but I haven't configured the bot to engage Alpha. A new melee weapon script will need to be made & a summoning sequence needs to be made.

- Added Camera matinee sequence for introducing doors opening. Once stage 4 has been completed they activate and shows the player the possible routs they can take to progress.

- Added sky particles to help players navigate to the energy cells.

- Created a UIScene for the pause menu, and added a function to call the UIScene when escape is pressed. The pause works but at the moment the menu buttons do not, I'v put it on my to do/fix list.

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