Saturday, 1 May 2010

Kismet workaround for getting rid of weapon/pickup drops

Woo 100th post, anyway todays fixes:

- Made a work around in kismet which destroys weapon/pickup drops as they spawn.

- Fixed the disintegration of the bots when getting killed by alpha.

The solution to the first problem actually helped me figure out the second. There's a little option in the trigger event called "use instigator", this basicly stores the instigator of the event into a variable.

Here's a screenshot of the first solution within Kismet:

Combine this kismet stuff with a trigger volume which goes round the entire map and it works like a charm.

On another note, I have the Capture timer working and it triggers an explosion once the energycell has been captured. There's quite a lot left to do on that kismet sequence but it shouldn't take that much longer. I am having problems however with the UIScene not rendering every frame, I'm currently using the UIScene as a HUD for the count down timer. If the IUScene doesn't get updated every frame my timer material will not display correctly.

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