Monday, 29 March 2010

Level Design

Iv mainly been level designing for the past couple of days, as well as optimizing meshes by loding them and did a lot of lighting changes. I changed the lighting because I noticed the screenshots where rather dark on other computers, so I researched some lighting techniques and watched a lot of video tutorials and now I believe the lighting is coming a long very nicely. I added rim lighting effects to a lot of different meshs to bring out contours and to produce a cartoonier style effect. I will post some screenshots once I'v built the level.

Optimizing the game is a ever growing task, I'm now realising how important it is and have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to increase performance. One of those tricks it to build a shader which can be instanced between all the ruin objects, this will mean only one big shader has to be compiled, it will also mean I can re-use the shader for future projects veru easily. Again once I'v finished the shader I will give you a demo of it and some screenshots.

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