Thursday, 11 March 2010

Water shaders!

Woot, we have just hit the 50 post mark in blogs. Thats more than 1 post a day since we started the blog! Anyway, back to the reason for blogging, today I fixed a few issues with the killzones when the player falls off the islands, this is to give the illusion that the player will fall forever. I also spent most of the day building a water shader for the bathing area, on top of that I also built a water shader for the rocks in the bath with a few splash effects, the aim was to simulate water trickling down rock faces. You will also find that the water is interactive, this was achieved by using a fluid actor and a water volume. The water has realtime reflections, although realtime reflection can be expensive, I have done my best to optimize the shader. Depending on the overall endgame performance I could always make the reflections static. Heres an SS:

Sorry for the lighting, I havent focused on it yet, it will be one of the last things I do. But we are planning to add more light elements (Stone Torches) within the ruins. Not only that but I havent rendered this game using lightmass yet, which should improve lighting 10 fold, I'll be running tests with lightmass tomorrow.

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