Friday, 12 February 2010

Thursday & Today

On Thursday I finished the level plan, which will almost certainly change and evolve as we progress. I also finished two concept drawings, one of the jungle and the other of the ship alpha crash landed in. I also successfully implemented a scope to the primary weapon, it was very difficult to actually get the script to work in 3rd person properly, although at the moment basic I am hoping to go back and improve it in a couple of weeks. This weapon was extended from a modified zoom script which contains all the functions needed to zoom in, including functions to call animation cycles and Hud displays, this will make it easier to make other weapons zoomable in the future.

Today before my lecture today I'll be rounding everything up so we can play the game at Uni, this is mainly because I've been coding a lot and would like to get some feedback on the basic player controls.

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