Friday, 19 February 2010


Today we should of finished all the foliage assets however we are running slighly behind schedule, this is mainly because I was building the foliage vertex shader which doesn't seem to have a lot of documentation on the net (Not how we're using it anway). The only thing left to do with it is to add a delay on the wind depending on the ebjects world position. Once I have that finished I'll document it and make a video tut so anyone wanting to know can achieve the same effect.

To keep a record of our original timetable here is a set of dates we want to complete things by:

Weel 1 (25th jan):Concepting.

Week 2 (1st Feb):
More concepting,create skybox and other land texures.
Alpha Charcter Concept. Build character scripts.

Week 3 (8th Feb):
Alpha Character modeled and beta tested in UDK.
Build 3rd person camera with core controls (Sprint, free look)
Concept level design. Build sun reflection shader for the landscape.

Week 4 (15th Feb):
Texture Alpha character. Model foliage and texture foliage. Build Speedtrees.
Rig Character. Build test level design layout.

Week 5-7 (22nd Feb & 1st Mar & 8th Mar):
Concept, Model and texture all other world assets. Complete beta version of level. Code when not doing anything else.

Week 8-9 (15th - 22nd Mar):
Model & texture charcters. Constantly rework level. Any code that needs to be done. Main Menu's and general optimizing. Create any assets we have missed.

Week 10 (29th March):
Animate All Character. More Coding.

Week 11(5th April):
Weapon Design, model and texture. More Coding.

Week 12(12th April):
Working on cut scene. Beta Testing.

Week 13-14 (19th-26th April):
Testing, polishing, fixing and reworking anything we are not happy with.
Create DVD packaging and DVD labels.

Week 15 (3rd May): Hand in on the 13th of May.

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