Sunday, 7 February 2010

Outlast Game Concept

"Outlast" is a game in which the player assumes control of Alpha, a mechanical human who is the sole survivor of a spaceship crash. Stranded on an alien planet, Alpha has to survive the local natives wrath after his ship's landing destroyed their sacred ancient runes.


Name: Alpha
Race: Originally human but now classed as a Mechanoid.

Enemies will be developed further. However we have decided to create two kinds of enemies, one ranged and one melee enemy will offer more variation to gameplay. Both of these enemies will belong to one race and will work together. The ranged enemy will be based on a shaman that uses magic attacks.

Players will have to fight to survive in a horde style gametype, utilising both health and energy bars efficiently will mean life or death. Health can be scavenged from dead enemies but energy can only be replenished by finding energy cells which got scattered throughout the level by the crash landing. If Alpha's health runs out emergency overrides will use his energy reserve to absorb damage, although this will drain energy very quickly. Energy is used for firing weaponry, although if Alpha runs out of energy his main systems will shutdown, this will cause him to move slowly, emergency overrides will convert health into weapon fire, but use wisely. So by running out of either health or energy will drastically decrease the players chance to survive.

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