Sunday, 25 April 2010

AI Fix, Game Over Sequence & UI Interfaces.

Yesterday's work:

- Fixed Shaman AI glitches, bots now work nicely. Only very minor glitches occur. The major aiming glitch was fixed by getting the shaman bot to look at an attached actor above the players head instead of actually looking at the player, this is because kismet behaves strangely by tell the bot to look at the players controller/spawn instead of the players actual location.

- Created the game over death sequence, when the player dies the camera shot changes to a birds eye shot of the player and starts zooming into the player, it then fades to black with a game over message.

- Created all the base UI menu interfacess, clicking the game .exe the player can navigate the main menu UI and join the game, once the game has ended the player can navigate the scoreboard UI, they then have the options to restart the level or return to the main menu.

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