Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bot Kismet Logic Finished.

Wooo, final finished the respawn system, I believe there aren't any major glitches in it, although I have built in fail safes to try and counter anything that might go wrong when spawning lots of bots. Here's a screenshot to show you the rough layout of kismet at this time:

I must say this gave me a major headache at times, this is my first time working with kismet and it was very hard to know exactly what was going on and when it was happening, I'm glad nearly all of the bot spawning/movement/control logic is out the way.

Kismet things to do next:

- Material replacement on bot death, this is so that they appear to disintegrate once being shot by Alpha.

- Health gain when Alpha kills a bot, at first I'll keep this basic but I am hoping to spawn a energy bot at the location of the bot death, then get the energy bot to travel to Alpha, once within range (basicly touching Alpha) it will give health to alpha then disappear.

- Timer/progress counter that activates when Alpha is within a certain distance of the energy cell and deactivates when Aphla is to far from it.

Non-kismet things to do next:

- Texture and build the material/vertex shader for the energy cell.

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