Friday, 16 April 2010

UDK Build Updated

Ok so before I can do any more major scripting I had to update to the latest UDK build, I must say I wasn't looking forward to doing this because it's never a smooth transition, specially if you have code written with older builds. So January too March build has a lot of changes, epics certainly been busy. Some very exciting features, too many to list here but expect performance increases (e.g. Painted vertex colors now use half as much memory, which I have used a lot.) with better mip-mapping (Makes the texture look more high res, so better graphics!). :)

Although it's taken time to transition to the new build, the final project will benefit a lot because of it. I have a few script errors to sort out but they don't break any script, more like just warnings. Anyway I'll be going over the code again in the next week and make sure everything is running perfectly. I've got a problem with my frontend starting menu in the new build, I think it's not compatible with the new build (although I was going to completely re-do it), will post again when I fix it.

On top of sorting the latest build I've been setting up a nfringe with visual studio 2008, nfringe is a programming enviroment that at the moment only works with VS2005 & 2008, this will greatly improve programming speed, with very impressive intergration with udk, basicly makes VS work with Unrealscript.
If your a student you can get your free copy of Visual Studio and a lot of other free goodies over at:

Anglia Ruskin students can log in with their libary card number and password (If you have logging in problems, log in the libary through Anglia Ruskin's website then visit Dreamspark).

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