Monday, 12 April 2010

Ruins instanced.

Ok, so I finaly finished changing all the ruin assets materials over to instanced versions of my new shader I posted ealier. Took a while as each instance needed different diffuse and normal maps, and some of the settings needed individual tweaking. Having all the ruins run on only one big shader increases performance as only one shader has to be compiled, then all the settings get changed for indervidual materials. I want to create a similar shader to handle all the foliage in the level, this wouldn't take a lot of time as the foliage materials do not have high instruction counts. The foliage shader would also handle all the variables for the world postion offset, giving each foliage easy access to wind and interactive controls if they need it.

Sorted a few bugs with the lighting which caused the blue tint on the shadows to disappear, the shadows now give the feeling of being nice and cool. A few collision issues were fixed on the temple and I started doing some coding with the hud. The hud now runs our own class and I have started implementing our own crosshair. The camera has also been adjusted so that it is at the correct distance from the player.

Heres a screenshot:

The green cross in the middle is a place holder for the textured crosshair which will be made soon.

It might look to contrasty, I am having problems with my gamma settings. Will check on another computer asap.

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