Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Increased optimization of speedtrees.

This morning I ran through all the speed tree actors and drastically increased lod'ing and decreased billboard distances. I also optimized their shaders and took all the collisions off the trees which the player cannot touch. I am also going to take away shadow casting on any tree which doesn't need it (the ones really far away). On top of this I have optimized and fixed the glitching Banyan trees by decreasing the leaf count.

Once my computer have finished building/rendering the level I will run some tests to find out how much the effect the optimizations have made.

On a side note, I have nearly finished constructing the big bridge at the front of the ruins. I re-used a lot of assets so we did not need to make the bridge from scratch.

Later today I will texture and create the material for the energy cell and will post screenshots. I also intend to implement the main game mechanics for replenishing energy.

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