Friday, 23 April 2010

Kismet Shaman Ai

The Ai bots are going better than I thought, I found a tutorial online which helped me extend and modify scripts to get navigation meshes working with bots instead of just croud agents. The only problem was that the tutorial was in Russian lol, but I got the gist of it and with my amazement it worked. Now all our bots run around without node paths, free to navigate individually. I spent most of the day setting up all the Ai events in kismet. It's working well, only a couple of small glitches that I have to iron out.

At the moment i'm working on the shaman which is a ranged bot that spawns minions that do melee damage. At the moment the shaman bot patrols when it cannot see the player, only when it can see and is within range will it hunt the player. The shaman can only fire while standing still and stops before coming into melee range. If the player runs towards the shaman, the shaman will run away to try and avoid melee contact, afterwhich will return to do more ranged attacks.

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