Thursday, 29 April 2010

Couple of Matinee sequence finished.

Last night I finished two Matinee sequences and added sound to both:

- Falling boulder sequence, this is where the big bridge exit gets blocked by falling boulders and then Alpha gets ambushed by shamans. The only thing left to do is spawn the bots and get them to jump Alpha.

- Finished the Trap door sequence, this was a little tricky because of the way UDK handles rotations in Matinee, I had to check the "Quat Interpolation" box and key frame every 90 degrees to get the correct rotation.

Both these sequences are hooked up to triggers in kismet.

I have also added a cloud effect to the mist/fog, this really helps to bring the scene to life and make a believable enviroment. Finished optimizing the level, only volume culling to go, but I'll leave that to last. A total of 40mb was saved once I ran through the whole level, this has helped increase frame rates.

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